Remove paper and time-consuming spreadsheets from your payroll processing

Staff hours and pay automatically calculated
Rotas can be sent to staff at a touch of a button
See in real time which staff are on client’s site

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  • Electronic timesheet

    Make payroll simple and accurate with electronically recorded hours

  • Holiday and absence request

    Accept holiday or absence requests in just one easy click

  • Attendance tracking

    Get real-time info on employee attendance

  • Cost information

    Make cost control simple with automatically calculated staff costs for any selected period.

  • Annual Leave Management

    With annual leave entitlement automatically calculated, you can be sure how much allowance any given employee has at any one time.

  • Effective Shift Management

    Allow staff to apply and be accepted for open shifts within seconds, with the roster automatically updating.

  • Event Notification

    Sends advance email notifications and reminders to alert management of important events.

  • Realtime Dashboards

    Managers can see who is and isn’t in at any given time, allowing for effective management and speedy cover.

  • Staff records

    Secure storing of employee records, certificates and other confidential information

  • Intuitive scheduling

    Employee details, such as position, are saved into the system so you can assign shifts quickly

  • Payroll integrations

    Seamlessly integrates with most payroll softwares, allowing for easy uploading.

  • Shift swapping

    Allow staff to swap shifts within seconds, ensuring shifts are always covered.

  • Staff Scheduling

    Quickly fill out shifts and send straight to your team

  • Time Clocking App

    Electronically records start and end shift times as staff sign in and out of the app

  • Daily and Weekly Hours Total

    Got a project with a budget? Metricreg lets you see the costs for individuals and all staff at the touch of a button

  • Employee Notification

    Metricreg gives notification to employees on their mobile device to let them know of any shift changes

  • View staff availability

    If a shift becomes available, staff who can do the cover can apply for it via the app on their phone.

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